Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Questions from Our Assignment

What is this project’s direct connection to soil?

This project directly relates to soil because is all about how we can manage soil in a responsible manor to get the food we need from it while insuring that it will be around for a long time.  We need to start thinking about how our everyday decisions are going to affect soil quality in the future.

How does soil make this project work?

This project was centered on weeding pant beds so that they will be ready for planting in the spring.  Soil makes this project work by providing a four dimensional living habitat for the plants to grow in.  Doing this by hand, instead of with heavy machinery protects the structure of the soil allowing for a more sustainable cycle of growing and harvesting. 

Is there a way that soil management changes could improve this project?

Soil management is at the hart of this project so it is already an integral part of the project.  However, developing better ways to protect the structure of the soil and the organisms living in it is always a continuing challenge.  The goal of soil management is always to leave the soil as healthy as is way before being managed and we have a long way to go.

From this project, what did you learn about soils that you did not know before?

While doing this project our group learned a lot about what organic farming was all about.  It’s not just abstaining from using chemicals and artificial fertilizers.  It also involves looking at the big picture.  It’s about using the incredibly complex and diverse nature ecosystem to aid you in your crop development.  In the end, the goal is not to kill all the bad things, its to grow and develop all of the good things whether those thing are the one that you will eventually harvest or not.

What is the broader impact of the organization or project you helped with?

The broader impact of this project is the education of all those that were involved with it.  Everyone that helped out on the farm that day will take with they valuable lessons and information that will help them make more informed decisions later on.  Whether those decisions involve choosing to buy better produce at a local market or even choosing to start a new organic farm, everyone can continue their lives with a new insight.

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